1. We have a TeamSpeak server up and running|IP: ts.eliteroleplay.co

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Information Custom Models
Elite Role-Play Custom Models.

We are now offering a new donation package.


- Payment of £10 [Due to time and effort spent on the models]
- Commander must agree.
- The character must be lore to your regiment.

What Will I Receive?

- A customised player model to match your characters lore.
- A job to yourself with the model.

Note- If you at any point in time are kicked out of Your regiment with good reason from the Commander you lose your job!

Note- Changing regiment will not lose you your job, the payment still stands. You will have to pick a new lore character and a new model will be made. only with commanders permission. You may only change ONCE as we aren't making you model after model.

If You Wish To Donate For A Custom Model Message @Fang Wolf With Details

Regiment Name:
Character Name:
Commander Approval?:
Image Of Character:
Characters WookieePedia Page:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Announcements & Updates 24/09/16
As I am sure you all have realised, the server was down today. This was a result of us moving the RP server, and the forums to a brand new dedicated machine. As well as the server relocation several other minor upgrades have been made. A brand new 3rd person mod was added to the server, while here on the forum a ‘shoutbox’ was implemented as well as a new ‘Game Info’ section.

What does this mean for you?
Firstly, this means that the server can take a bigger beating than before, leaving you not having to worry about if you actions will crash the server. Also this will allow us to host bigger and better events and maps.

New custom map
We are in the process of coming up with ideas to add to a custom version of the 'Venator'. If any of you have any ideas of new things to add to the map please post a reply below. It can be anything from a new button to an events system.

Hosting offer
Our hosting company is currently offering 10% off on all services. Simply visit the EliteHosting.io and use coupon code ELITEROLEPLAY at checkout.​
The server is temporarily down due to some technical issues that occurred during the transferring of files to the new server. We cannot at the moment anticipate when the server will be back up because the boyo Dave aint responding to the boyo's. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Moderator Applications will be open until Sunday 25th September. Monday 26th Will be when me and Chibs review them and send out your replies to let you know if you have made it to the next stage.

Good luck all.

So following yesterday's opening, the boyo TAZ decided to start making a trailer/video for the server. Below are some screenshots of the stuff used for a teaser. LAAT was mine though.
Alright Boyo's

So after my modelpack screw ups last night (kms) we will be opening tonight hopefully when I've fixed them, shouldn't take too long.

The first few days will likely have a lot of restarts for stuff being added as we go along which we didn't add at the start because there is a lot to think about. If you think of any essentials which need adding please comment below and we will get them included if we feel they are good for the server.

If we don't open tonight then blame Doom.